TSTO Baseball – Identified

TSTO Baseball in Case - DrewDabble BlueStacks - TSTO Epic Fail - DrewDabble

I believe the ‘baseball in a display case’ that I spotted in a BlueStacks App Player crash while playing TSTO a few days ago (and posted about here). has been identified by deleuzion over at Flickr. Thanks!! I’ve been wondering about this for days 🙂

It’s a baseball made from Secretariat and it was an item for sale at the sports collectables store The Spend Zone  from the episode ‘You Only Move Twice‘ (1996)

Does this mean it’s in the next…?
Gil Deal TSTO

5 thoughts on “TSTO Baseball – Identified

  1. After more than a week with this image bouncing around in my head, I now vaguely remember the ‘memorabilia thing’ being discussed briefly on the old ‘Tips’ blog (or maybe some other site) ages ago. Plus after reviewing my BlueStacks crash that yielded this image; it is grouped with ‘game icons’ not buildings or decorations, I agree with Chris J & Matt – this could just be an ‘artifact’ of an event that never happened.

  2. Is it possible the baseball is one of these “Memorabilia ” items that have been floating around the ether for a while? It seems too small and useless to be a decoration.

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