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The “Official” Sources:  EA Forums Facebook Page. I’d keep an eye on these due to EA’s recent bold assertion (in the Season 25 update) that they’ll be doling out the latest & greatest info to the “Trolls” from now on 😉

Gameplay & Walkthroughs*: Wikisimpsons (simpsonswiki.com) Tapped Out Portal – I’m an old school database/spreadsheet geek and respond best to info in table-type formatting. They have all the essential gameplay info about quests listed on this page or more complete level/update info on their content update page.

Future Content Updates & Spoilers: TSTONews.com – This is the legendary spAnser’s (aka SpAndex) blog-forum. I’ve sorted through vast amounts of TSTO Spoiler info over the past seven months and it seems that most of the advance info (spoilers) that we’ve enjoyed have been courtesy of this exceptional TSTO fan.

TSTO Fan-Sites That I Follow Daily…
(*All the following sites also have amazing gameplay and walkthrough content!)

TSTOTopix.me – (aka tstotopix.wordpress.com). IMO, TSTOTopix founder Mike S should be one of the next to be recognized in the game dialogue! During (and after) the ‘change in directions’ at the ‘old tips blog’ Mike showed tremendous leadership guiding (and honestly informing) the ‘old tips community’ in those dark days. Anyway this site just passed a 1,000,000 hits on October 1, 2013 (two days ago) and has piled on more than another 150,000 hits since then. Check it out and you’ll see why!  🙂

TSTOAddicts.com – This is a another wonderful (or should I say Wookieeful?) fan-site with frequent posts from an interesting & diverse writing team covering all aspects of the game. One specialty of this site is creating 2D art – featuring fun & instructive posts by Bunny Dud… aka ‘Lite-Brite‘  🙂

Tapped-Out.co.uk – Last but definitely not least is this unique TSTO fan-site with a ‘Social Media’ format. This is an online hang-out where you’ll find dedicated TSTO fans exchanging info, pics & ideas in real-time plus tons of valuable game tips and insight. It’s also home-base to one of my favorite ‘TSTO Fan Personalities’… Ms. Em Cha  🙂

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