TSTO – Life-Ruiningly Fun!

Great tagline and I do love the game, but DrewDabble does not want to end up like this poor fellow…

My ‘real world’ Jay-Oh-Bee is not going to permit much time to blog for the next few days, but then it’s the Labor Day Weekend holiday (in the US) and hopefully plenty of time for playing TSTO and blogging ~ AND reading TSTOTopix.com plus hanging-out at Tapped-Out UK… my two favorite TSTO sites!

BTW: Besides The Sunsphere, another of Knoxville Tennessee’s claims to fame is our massive Labor Day (BoomsDay) fireworks event – the largest in the country. If the weather’s good, 400,000 people will be here!

Of course if anything new shows up in the game this week, I will post about it. Which makes me wonder could be next? The Internet TSTO rumor-mill is very quiet right now; not much word on what’s coming next.

I’ve read Gil may be coming back with new promo in August. There’s one more week to go, so that would have to be soon… Labor Day Weekend maybe???

As for Level 34 – I can’t find anything much at all. But, Please EA, it’s time for Patty & Selma 🙂

TSTO Baseball – Identified

TSTO Baseball in Case - DrewDabble BlueStacks - TSTO Epic Fail - DrewDabble

I believe the ‘baseball in a display case’ that I spotted in a BlueStacks App Player crash while playing TSTO a few days ago (and posted about here). has been identified by deleuzion over at Flickr. Thanks!! I’ve been wondering about this for days 🙂

It’s a baseball made from Secretariat and it was an item for sale at the sports collectables store The Spend Zone  from the episode ‘You Only Move Twice‘ (1996)

Does this mean it’s in the next…?
Gil Deal TSTO