I’m a geek. This blog is a place to share insight I’ve gained in half a century of geeky human existence.

Geek/Zen: Some of my posts will contain references to Zen and Buddhism; not as religion, but as philosophy. A wonderful philosophy, which I am most fortunate to have become aware of. It has helped me, to at long last, begin making peace with the hobgoblins in my head.

The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO): Many posts (for the foreseeable future) will be about this life-ruiningly fun game. I’m huge fan and want to share my experience. Besides there is some relevance to the Geek/Zen theme of this blog. TSTO is like a living-breathing digital zen garden 😉  BTW: I want to make it perfectly clear that there is no intent of copyright infringement.

Futurama Tapped Out: Earlier this year, soon after I got hooked on TSTO, before the final season of Futurama TV episodes began to air ~ I got very excited about the possibilities for Futurama’s future… Moving back to Fox? More Direct-to-Video movies? Games? – So I created the blog FTOTips.com… ‘Just in case…’ It is not connected with the ‘Tips’ blog that changed directions a while back. Not judging (at all) ~ just stating it for the record.

Guidelines for commenting here: US TV-PG ~ That means please stay with topics and language that Fox (and the FCC) will allow to be televised in The Simpsons or Futurama TV episodes.
Please be polite…
NO being mean or rude. However, light-hearted and cleverly worded razzing (especially when pointing my goofy mistakes) is welcomed.
NO discussion of cheating, hacking or any other activities that conflict legally (or ethically) with the rightful owner(s) of any content.

This blog contains a small amount of content ‘compiled’ (thus adding value) from other ‘fan-based’ websites sharing copyrighted material in a non-infringing manner which ultimately benefits the copyright holders’ by promoting their interests. 😀

7 thoughts on “About

  1. *Snap* One year ago I outed you as a Tapper on this geeky blog, not sure if you wanted to be known as a player of TSTO here or if you wanted any comments at all on your blog! Pushy but one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So happy you accepted my invitation to TOuk, you were a well known figure in the TSTOcommunity at the time and you were my recruit (feeling smug). Something about you always appealed to me 🙂 Now that I know you better I realise it’s not “something” it is Everything – you’re my perfect match.
    I ❤ You. Can't wait to be your wife.
    Mrs Black

    • It’s hard to believe a year has passed already. Our relationship seems to have an interesting (and very pleasing) way of warping time 🙂 I’m so glad you decided to reach out to me here on this blog. You are an amazing & wonderful person. I’m so lucky to be your fiancé. I love you and can’t wait to be your husband.
      Andrew ❤ Emma
      P.S. *Snap* 😛

    • Thanks for the comment Monty. I checked out your site and it’s very cool!

      I haven’t done much with Pokémon in a long time, but I do like them. I remember buying Pokémon Snap (N64) back in 1999 for my nephews to play when they came to visit. I didn’t think it would be that much fun, but after watching them play, I got hooked! That game has great music. I just found this awesome mix of it on YouTube… http://youtu.be/ynTzb_BoHs4

      It’s funny, I was almost as addicted to playing Pokémon Snap back then as I am to playing The Simpsons Tapped Out now.

  2. I cannot call myself a geek since I’ve never owned a computer. I am a WordNerd. An avid reader of any and everything, crosswordpuzzle-addict and my artistic outlets are more words; calligraphy, writing and ambigrams. Reading your blog was a pleasure, I just wish you continued it. I will follow. I also know you’re a Tapper (found this via FlickrTstoTips) so tap my name and join for more tsto-fun. I kind of had to add that last part as a member of the TappedOut-team but you have a great looking town and I want you to share it with everybody! or let me tell the others what an awesome town you own.

    • Hey Em, Thanks for the nice comment 🙂 It’s now the official first comment passed through moderation on this blog, which I created for several reasons…

      1) I’ve been planning to do this blog, as an outlet for my geeky musings, for years.

      2) To learn more about the technical side of blogging. I do IT Consulting and have clients constantly asking for help getting started with a blog.

      3) But of course, most importantly, was to have my avatar show up on http://tstotips.com/ 😉 😉 😉

      I will be making more posts on this blog soon – probably 2 in the next few days. Also, thanks for the invite to http://www.tapped-out.co.uk I’ll be checking that out ASAP! (Hopefully tonight – eastern US)

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