Is the TSTO World Getting Back to Normal?

A few thoughts before heading off to work… Looks like the tide may be turning for the good guys. As I hope all Tappers already know, there were several exempts yesterday to make fraudulent posts over at the bad guy’s camp. However, three smelly posts were removed within hours. Yes three – a fourth bogus post got deleted before I could even read it – trying to work the “EA Servers Are Down” angle. The only one remaining is that fake Mr. T post by ‘you-know-who’ titled “I’m Sorry” – and boy ain’t that the truth!

The Internet’s ‘New Tips’ blog is coming along nicely – Piling on over 30,000 hits this weekend… they are off and running!

And when you’ve had your fill of playing TSTO, blog surfing and commenting don’t forget to check-in at Tapped-Out UK. The best description of this site: It’s like your favorite ‘real world’ hang-out, only out here in ‘The Cloud’ 🙂

I’m sorry about all the comments still in moderation. I promise to respond to them as quickly as possible today. Also thanks to mastersneasle over at the awesome Pokémon X and Y Stuff  blog for pointing out that I haven’t stated the ‘Rating Level’ for language in comments here. For the record it’s in the PG-13 neighborhood…  Or, pretty much anything that would be allowed on The Simpsons or Futurama TV shows (or TSTO) I’ll add, DrewDabble is impressed by comments that creatively express their point without excessive ‘potty-month’  😉

Now about my DrewDabble blog – I will be broadening its topic base – plus getting back to the original “Zen Geek” theme (originally envisioned for this blog) that has gotten drowned-out by my TSTO obsession.

So I’ll end on a geeky note by saying how very much I dig the Google Doodle today about Erwin Schrödinger. It never takes a gathering of geeks very long before someone makes a cat-in-the-box reference!
Google Schrödinger Doogle

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