Zen and the Art of Growing Perfection

This blog was originated to share insight from a decade of studying Zen. Then I got hooked on The Simpsons Tapped Out. Months have gone by and it may seem as though I’ve abandoned this topic. Not at all; in fact TSTO has noticeably deepened my Zen practice.

And now that the Halloween 2013 event has arrived, it’s also given me flashbacks to the chaotic state of my mind before the study & practice of Zen. It was not unlike (metaphorically) what I find when I open my game after being away for a few hours. What I’m trying to express is just how constantly ‘busy’ (and on so many levels) our human minds are. Meditation is a valuable tool that can help one gain insight into this ‘ceaseless mental busy-ness’.

There are many types of meditation with varying goals. My goal is not to achieve a blissful place which to escape. That’s a long, long way off for me 😉 The best I can claim, after ten years, is I can sometimes slow my mind down enough to unemotionally ‘see’ my thoughts as they originate, or soon thereafter… no matter what’s occurring around my physical being.

TSTO actually contains a wonderful mediation tool and it’s been enhanced by the Halloween event… How long is 45 seconds? How many thoughts does a human mind generate in that time? A good way to find out for yourself is to stay totally focused while Growing Perfection at Cletus’ Farm. Really try to concentrate your mind and not think about anything else (at all) for those 45 seconds; no matter how many ghosts, gremlins or favorite game characters come into view. Or real-world noises around you from people, phones, music TVs, birds chirping  – no distractions whatsoever.

Now do that 10 times in a row staying totally focused without letting a single crop rot… Congratulations Tappers 🙂 you just meditated for seven and a half minutes!
Zen and The Art of Growing Perfection