BlueStacks – Cool TSTO Epic Fail

TSTO Church Doves TRG - DrewDabble
I’ve posted before on Texture Rendering Glitches (TRGs) from EA’s The Simpsons Tapped Out game like the one above from my Android. I call it ‘Church Doves’.

I have two TSTO games. My main game Android one has most of the premium items (since April 2013) and my ‘2nd game’ is without a single donut purchased item – so I can enjoys both POV’s.

My 2nd game runs on a BlueStacks App Player (Beta 1) on a Windows 8 desktop. While TRGs are an everyday occuranceon on my Android, I’ve never a seen a single one on BlueStacks. However it does sometimes pull an occasional  ‘epic fail’ and flashes some cool mosaic screens of TSTO images. This is the first time I’ve been fast enough to ‘Prt Scr’ one. **BTW – I flipped this image for better viewing… 
BlueStacks - TSTO Epic Fail - DrewDabble

I recognize most of the items except for these…
TSTO Baseball in Case - DrewDabble
Are they new or something from before I started playing in late Feb 2013. Does anyone have information about these items?

Hail Ants Sign in TSTO

One of my favorite decorations in TSTO is the “Hail Ants” sign.
Hail Ant Sign

Because it’s from one of my favorite episodes Deep Space Homer.

This is my favorite scene. The music is The Blue Danube which you may recognize from such movies as 2001: A Space Odyssey.  It also explains the first two videos.

DrewDabble is a big fan of Arthur C. Clarke. I’ve read most of his books and will be posting about some of them soon.

Good News, Everyone!

Good News Everyone
This is an update to my (possibly) misunderstood post…

The pre-takeover TSTO Tips Team is regrouping and can be found here. Hopefully they won’t change the URL again 😉 But if they do, just check back here because I will have probably tracked it down and posted about it. Anyway Mike, Mickus and most of gang are there and hopefully more will be joining soon.

Plus, and this is a BIG PLUS, (also long overdue) they finally have a female voice! Her pen name is minicha or ‘Em Cha’ as she’s known at Tapped-Out UK which is kind-of an online version of ‘Cheers’ (you know, like a pub where everyone knows your n…) Just create a free account and join in on the fun! BTW: Please add an account pic, this helps the more ‘visually oriented’ of us keep track of your shared TSTO insights.

OK, so maybe now I can get back to making this a ‘Multi-Topic’ blog.  Woo Hoo 🙂 To which Professor Farnsworth is a clue (but not in a bad way, like his ‘good news’ usually is on the TV Show)

We must be cautious…

To borrow a great ObiWan line from Star Wars:  “Mos Eisley Spaceport (by this, I mean the Internet)… You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

It would seem that in the wake of the mega-hit blog TSTO Tips’ demise there are many websites and blogs scrambling to become ‘the next’ TSTO Tips (and some for profit).Not me, I’m a just a huge fan of Matt Groening (and the pre Level 30 Mr. T). I’m blogging to be helpful in a just-for-the-fun-of-it way and to enhance my (and other Tappers) enjoyment of the game. But since I’m not getting paid to do this (like others on the net seem to be, legally or otherwise), I’ve got to go make a living out in the ‘real world’. I’ll be back later with a lot more – including a full post clarifying this blog’s purpose(s)….

Matt signing a toy Bender

Until then Happy Tapping 🙂

What will be in TSTO Level 33?

EA has been cranking out The Simpsons Tapped Out updates lately. Will there be another one this week? If so, what might be in the Level 33 update?

Spoiler Alert! Continue reading

TSTO Tips ‘Take-Over’ Update

Short update on the TSTO Tips hack or sell-out saga. While the news is still predominately bad, at least their does seem to be some good news. As the story unfolds, it seems that Mr. T had the blog “wrangled” (so to speak) from him by the owner of this hacking-mill.

Do you want to know I where I learned this info and read even more about it? What if I told you it’s a place where the super friendly sprint of TSTO Tips still exists in a much more real-time interactive environment. It’s called Tapped-Out UK. To create an account and sign in right now click or tap here.

TSTO new feature wish list…

EA has been dropping new content at an amazing pace lately and I’m grateful. I’ve been playing The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO) for around five months and I’m just as exited about it now as I was when I first started to get hooked.

However there are some new features that would be both cool and add much needed functionality to the game. Here’s my wish list…

My first wish is more about entertainment value than functionally. It would be so cool to be able to move characters around while they are doing stationary outside tasks. It’s loads of fun to “stage” them. I do this now by waiting for the desired characters to wander into position before starting their task(s). This is also very tedious and time consuming. Here’s one of my favorite ‘staged’ scene screenshots to date with Frink and Milhouse flying their RC’s at Frink’s Lab with Nelson playing guitar with Santa’s Little Helper in the foreground. Binky the 3-Eyed Fish popping up was the icing on the cake! You can see the full-res version on my Flickr page.

DrewDabbles Fav Screenshots 011

Actually, moving some characters is already possible on a limited basis. I routinely move characters that are doing tasks attached to items. My favorite (since Squidport Expansion) are to move Homer lounging in his pool & Brockman relaxing in a chair to various spots on my water front; especially Wolfcastle’s mansion – also Grandpa and Agnes on their bench tasks. It takes a little finesse. You just have to keep tapping around the item (Brockman in a chair for instance) until it selects the chair (not Brockman). Then you can move it almost anywhere. Once the chair is selected you can move them both pretty much anywhere. 😀

Move Some TSTO Characters - DrewDabble

Being able to move any stationary tasked character would also be very useful for placing characters needed for upcoming quests together in an easy to access location.

My second wish is much more serious. It’s for a ‘Master Character & Task List’. This would free up a tons of playing time that could better be used for optimizing your town, and hint-hint EA 😉 buying more premium content. A popup menu that lists all characters that a player currently has in their town, with their location (Springfield or Krustyland) and task status with time remaining – plus the ability to rush with donuts. This list should be storable by either character name or time remaining. Tap on a character in this list for a submenu where you can either zoom directly to that character (like it sometimes does when Sideshow Bob appears) or if a character is not currently tasked – it could also popup that character’s task selection list so you can choose one without having to literally chase them down all over town. No, make that two towns with the addition of Krustyland. I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I spend (more like waste) every day scanning/panning back and forth across my  town (now Krustyland), trying to find all my characters and make sure they are all optimally tasked-out. I’m starting to get a callus on the tip of my tapping finger from all this excessive panning for crying out loud. I’ve commented on this all over the dang Internet in hopes EA would take note. What would have been a mere luxury a few levels ago is fast becoming a necessity. Without something like this, any further expansions to the game will begin to risk making it unmanageable and hence not as much fun anymore 😦

It would also be awesome to able to set (and change) the “start screen” (or “landing zone” as I like to call it). It’s the part of town that first comes into view when your town loads. As it is now, the start screen seems to be the geographic center of town. Being able to manually set it would allow you to move it to your latest-greatest part of town – so that’s the first thing your friends see when they visit. 😀

Finally, more paving textures would be sweet. For example: brick pavers, pebblecrete,  dirt-road, etc. — anything new will do!

Krustyland – The Game within a Game

I’m just starting to get my head around this Krustyland (KL) thing. It’s a game within a game. While a little confusing at first, I get it now. EA has to design content that takes a reasonable amount of time for players to consume. Plus that content must introduce new and unexpected twists to keep us Tappers interested (and more importantly buying donuts).

Whacking Day achieved this by being grueling, but in the end – I really enjoyed staying with it everyday and strived to get all the prizes. Squidport [aka Snailport 😉 ] achieved this in a much more laid back fashion with its long boardwalk ‘Make’ times. Now the trick with KL will be to manage 2 sets of quests/tasks going back and forth between your KL and your Springfield.

This will require plenty of planning. Walkthroughs (WTs) will be very helpful. I will (as time permits) be posting my ‘Nearly-Spoiler-Free’ WTs here on my blog. Each quest name in the WT is also a link to my Flickr site which has an archive of compact yet full-res screenshot paste-up pics containing all the ‘dialogue’ from that quest/task. BTW: I have an ulterior motive for doing this. I’m a word-geek and want to have time to savor this in-game dialogue. There is (just like the TV show) some cutting-edge writing in them.

Plus they are the only source of game play instructions directly from EA. A good example is the following explanation of the Krust-O-Meter that I would have just blown through a couple of months ago…

Krust-O-Meter - Krustyland - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble

Then there’s the cool new friends’ menu-screen. It now shows Krustyland and Squidport status. Although the verdict is still out on how accurate it is. Accuracy aside it’s still a very cool upgrade IMO. (Please note: Since this is a public blog, I’ve partially blurred their Origin IDs in respect of my TSTO friends’ privacy)

Visit Friends  Menu Update - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble  See Who Tapped U - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble

But wait, there’s more! You can now tell what friend tapped what item in your town. When you tap a shaking-hands icon the Origin ID of whatever friend tapped it appears and floats upward. However, at least in my Android game it doesn’t show who tagged (vandalized) your buildings. Which is fine with me, because graffiti is perfectly within ‘the spirit’ of the TV show and it’s supposed to be a sneaky activity anyway 😉 I haven’t tested what your friends will see after you clean graffiti in their towns. If anyone knows, please comment.

Finally, an interesting observation about the KL Shuttle. It can’t be rotated…

Krustyland Shuttle No Rotate - Simspsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble

Amazing week for TSTO!

DrewDabble Avatar small - Copy

It’s been an amazing week for The Simpsons Tapped Out! 🙂

I’ve added some updates to my ‘Nearly-Spoiler-Free’ walkthroughs…

➡  Level 32 – Rod and Todd Parts 8-10

➡  Krustyland – Krusty-est Place On Earth Parts 1-6

I must say, TSTO has provided me with so much enjoyment. The truth of it is, due to many obligations, commitments and my modest financial situation; I haven’t been able to afford much entertainment, let alone consider a vacation for several years. But for less than $300 dollars US, TSTO has given me a vast virtual vacation that I’ve been on for months now ~ with no end in sight!. Now that’s money well spent!! Thank you, EA!!!

Finally I want to say how much joy I’m receiving from recording my TSTO game progress on social media. I’m a such a geek. Always have been. My circumstances have kept me from expressing the full depth my geekiness lately. TSTO and all it’s associated activities are providing me with a huge dose satisfaction on so many levels.

The Krustyland (sub-game?) is here!

If last week’s Level 32 update was a surprise, then today’s Krustyland “App Store” update is downright shocking! 😯 😯 😯

Krustyland Splash Screen - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble On the other hand, I was just thinking earlier today that I’m finished with Level 31, my Squidport only has a couple of buildings to go and in Level 32, I only have Kamp Krusty left. Without this wonderful new content I would have been pretty much caught-up game quest-wise by this coming weekend.

EA’s really bringing their ‘A-Game’ 😉 and us Tapper’s are reaping the benefits :D. I know some will struggle with the amount of money needed to acquire all this new premium content. I appreciate this and actually have two games that I use to document & archive my progress. One is a ‘Premium’ game, wherein I buy all the content I can afford. I also have a 100% ‘Non-Premium’ game. This way I can enjoy TSTO from both points of view.

Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to the game! I’ll be posting more on Krustyland as I progress and also will be adding to my ‘nearly-spoiler-free’ walkthroughs here. Until then, I’ve posted my first set of dialog paste-up’s on my Flickr site. The dialogue in them is first-rate entertainment ❗

DrewDabble Krustyland Walkthough on Flickr

Welcome Back Mr.T!

Mr.T, the recently elusive creator of the mega-popular TSTO Tips Blog has returned, but only briefly for now!

TSTO Tips -Mr. T's Avatar       14th  Dalai Lama

He just made a couple of short posts…

He says he’s been traveling outside of Wi-Fi coverage in India, Nepal, Burma and now Thailand. He also said he met the Dalai Lama (of whom I’m a HUGE fan). What an awesome privilege! If could meet any sentient being living in the present moment, he would be at the top of my list.

Mr. T also says he has ten days of vacation left. Well here’s wishing him and his family a safe and enjoyable finish to their epic vacation.

I also want to send a huge note of thanks to Mike S. & WerdnaSimpson for the terrific job they’ve done minding the store at TSTO Tips while Mr. T has been away! Moderating that mega-hit blog must be exhausting!