TSTO as a Matchmaker!!! Part II*

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It’s about how two people from different parts of the world found each other because we play the game… The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO). Love Notes in TSTO

WooHoo ~ My Sweetheart came to Tennessee for a visit and we had a wonderful time!!

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TSTO as a Matchmaker?

Hi y’all! I’m Em. You may know me from Sites like T-Ouk, TopiX and theAdiposeTV-twitchtv channel. I’m Internal Support, writer and moderator on those places but here, on DrewDabble’s blog, I’m just Me. Drew’s Girlfriend, his Sweetheart, his Em 😀 Just Lucky Me!

>> We enjoy decorating our towns with sweet little messages to one another…
Em & Drew - Towns

The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO) is the mobilegame that brought us together. This story takes us on a journey through the TSTO community. It started with the download and continued with that well-known blog, Flickr, our personal blogs and T-Ouk. After ‘the incident’, the community expanded to include TopiXTSTOAddicts, TheAdiposeTV and some other personal TSTO blogs.

A dialogue with Em & DrewDabble (DD)…
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