Happy Halloween 2013 From… Boo-Dabble

 BooDabble - DrewDabble - Happy Halloween 2013

Or should I say Goo-Dabble?

I like it! I know it may be somewhat of a let down for folks that got some of this stuff last year, but for those of us that have been admiring these items when visiting Friend’s towns – it’s terrific. Thanks EA!

As I established in my last post, I’m really cutting down on my personal spoiler/walkthrough consumption. I’m finding that if I just figure out most of quests myself, this puts me right on pace with EA’s update flow. For example, though abandoned for the moment so everyone can enjoy the new Halloween event in Springfield, my Krustyland still has one thing left to build – The Tooth Chipper.

We have until November 7th to earn all the 10 Main Prizes. This means that  if you started yesterday (US) you only need to collect around 280 Goo’s per day. I’ve already got over 500 Goo’s (and the first two prizes) in in less than one day. And this was with just over a dozen of my Friend’s towns to the point where I could visit them to Squish Ghosts, Haunt Stuff and Release Gremlins. When they are all available, I’m guessing gathering a 800-1000 Goo’s a day is easily attainable.

So I’m going to relax and take my time and enjoy the event! If you’ re looking for walkthroughs, spoilers and anything else a Tapper could want, please check out my new TSTO Links Pagehttp://drewdabble.com/drewdabble-tsto-links-page/

Happy Trick or Treating Tappers 🙂Trick or Treat Task - DrewDabble

I’ve Been a Bad TSTO Blogger…

Sorry, I’ve been a bad TSTO blogger lately 😦  My posting has become very sporadic and worse yet; I’ve completely fallen off on updating my TSTO Walkthroughs. I haven’t even created one for Level 35 yet.

There are a couple of reasons for this…

First, due to the wealth of new TSTO fan based websites that are now thriving, I fear my meager efforts here at DrewDabble.com have, alas, become surplus to requirement.

Second, there’s been a somewhat unexpected development in my personal TSTO playing habits. After spending over seven months ceaselessly searching (scouring) the Internet for the latest information on upcoming updates and walkthroughs, I’ve found an ‘amazing new joy’ in trying to figure out (for myself) who starts (and who is needed for) the various quests without any advance information.

In addition, there also seems to be an intriguing new wrinkle in the TSTO information food-chain. The latest TSTO update from EA with a Season 25 / Halloween teaser had some very direct dialogue stating that, as of now, only EA knows what’s coming next…

From TSTO Season 25 and Halloween 2013 Teaser Update - DrewDabble

Unless a need arises again, I will not be adding any new walkthroughs on this site. Instead I will be posting (and updating) links to some great TSTO fan-sites and blogs that provide all the info any Tapper could ever hope to know.These are the sites I personally frequent and highly recommend. They can be found on my new TSTO Links page… HERE.

Not wanting to completely pull content that is still getting some hits, I am moving the links to my old walkthroughs to my TSTO Archive page… HERE.

What new TSTO / TV Show tie-in’s does Fox have planned for us?

The new Simpsons TV season is just around the corner. I’m thinking there’s going to be tons of TSTO episode tie-ins. For most of the summer re-run season here in the US, Fox has been hammering the tie-in episodes. Lots of chances for DrewDabble to lament not buying a Moe’s Limo (or three) and The Swanky Fish 😦

What could be next?  Well the upcoming Level 33 (click here for the Spoilers) might give us a clue. So far the seemingly most tangential TSTO character or item, is (correct me if I’m wrong) Honest Abe. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Abraham_Lincoln and his cabin. However there is the fact that the real Abe did live in the real Springfield (Illinois). Was this supposed to play off of the long running gag about the real location of The Simpsons’ Springfield?

Frankly, I’m open to anything at this point. Went surfing for some ideas and ran across this fantastic site… http://www.antesydespues.com.ar/en/famosos-al-estilo-simpsons/ with a well done and thought provoking list of real-world celebrities that have been seen on the TV show. Here’s four I’d shell out serious donuts for and would be honored to have wandering around DrewDabble’s Springfield. Just imagine a hilarious dual task… Like Nimoy confronting ‘Cosplay’ Comic Book Guy about copyright infringement issues, which by the way – this blog has no intent of, at all – just a fan 🙂

DrewDabble TSTO wish list

To keep this wishful train of thought rolling just a bit longer…  With Futurama’s final season on Comedy Central finishing up soon, I hope to see some Futurama characters showing up in TSTO. Truth is, what I really want is a full separate Futurama Tapped Out game. Alas this probably isn’t feasible because Futurama just doesn’t have the huge world-wide fan base of The Simpsons. However a good compromise would be to do a Kustyland-like expansion featuring the Planet Express crew.Frink Farnsworth
This could be awesome paired with a Simpsons-Futurama-TSTO tie-in TV episode where Frink is tinkering around in his lab and accidentally zaps himself to New New York in the year 3013. He then runs into professor Farnsworth, who helps him get back to Springfield using his time machine. Then the time machine could become the “Shuttle” to the Futurama expansion.Farnsworth Time Machine
I could go on for pages with this Futurama stuff (and will in future posts), so I’ll end with this; here’s two decorations I’d buy in a heartbeat…

Tickle-Me Bender – in TSTO when tappped he’d say “Quit tappin’ my junk pervert!”
– Planet Express Ship balloon (like Blinky the three-eyed fish).

What will be in TSTO Level 33?

EA has been cranking out The Simpsons Tapped Out updates lately. Will there be another one this week? If so, what might be in the Level 33 update?

Spoiler Alert! Continue reading