My Andriod TSTO game freezes and crashes regularly!

I am so dang frustrated!!!  For weeks now, my main (premium) Simpsons Tapped Out game (on my Samsung GS4 Android phone) freezes and crashes almost every session, usually within a minute or two of game play.

Frustrated Homer

I was hoping yesterday’s update (Level 35) might also bring a fix for this, but NO!

I’ve worked in IT for over 25 years, and I’m confident I’ve run down all the usual suspects. My GS4 phone is super clean with all OEM bloatware disabled (and none added). Plus I’ve done all the standard trouble-shooting steps… up to and including uninstalling & reinstalling TSTO – multiple times.

Also tried it from all manner of network connections from the phone’s 4G to many otherwise perfectly functioning Wi-Fi systems.  Still get the same thing… a minute or two of game play and then FREEZE-O-MATIC. It takes around 45 seconds to crash-out back to the Android OS screen by itself or I can hammer the home button until it closes.

The good news, if any, is sometimes times after it crashes-out once (or twice) it will work ‘OK’ for a while. Also, it seems I can sometimes avoid the freeze/crash if I quickly go back and forth between either Krustyland and Springfield (or visit Friend’s Towns & KLs) several times.

Just to be clear, I haven’t tried my ‘main game’ on a different device (Tablet, BlueStacks, Etc.) because (due to the mobile nature of my job) the only satisfactory solution for me to get my required ‘TSTO Fix’ every hour (or two) is to play the game on my phone. 😉

Here the thing ~ professionally, right now is my busiest time of year. Plus this year (thankfully) it’s much busier than recent years. For the next couple of months I don’t have the time or resources to even consider replacing (or factory resetting) my otherwise perfectly functioning phone. BTW: TSTO is only the app I’ve ever had any problems with at all on this phone. In fact, it’s the only problem (period) I’ve had from this remarkable Samsung device, at all – EVER!

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m still a very dedicated TSTO fan and will continue to play as best I can. Plus I’m very excited about the possibilities for an awesome upcoming Halloween 2013 event!  🙂