Moving On…

The human need to rationalize is very powerful. This TSTO Tips ‘Take-Over’ thing has the potential to bum the DrewDabble out, and that takes A LOT these days. The reason I would be bummed (if I allowed myself) might surprise you. I surely wouldn’t have my lip stuck out because I feel scammed. Not being judgmental – just stating facts; only fools surf the Internet thinking they can find some wonderful ‘scam-free’ perfect website to hang-out at forever. TSTO Tips was great while it lasted. Stuff changes, this is the way of things… as it is.

It’s just that Mr. T (or whoever’s doing the writing behind this) seems to have used the Dalai Lama in this scam. There was a comment in one of the two posts from Mr. T when he briefly resurfaced on July 30th. In the comment – Mr. T said he met the Dalai Lama. Here’s the thing; DrewDabble follows few (if any). If I did follow, Lhamo Dondrub  (aka Tenzin Gyatso – The 14th Dalai Lama) would top the list.

Before this train-of-thought gets too much further down the tracks, or derails completely – if it hasn’t already 😉 . I’ll just stop and ask myself “WWDD” (What Would [The] Dalai [Lama] Do). He’d grin with a wonderful infectious warmth in his eyes and speak of… impermanence (anicca) or something like that, but most importantly, he’d likely have no  no words of condemnation. Nor shall I.

Don’t really know where to go with this from here – except to say, there is always more to every story than what gets posted on the Internet. It is hard to believe the ‘Mr. T’ that moderated himself to Internet legend status has become some sell-out scam. So I’ll just (in the spirit of Joe Wookie Riot) end with a Star Wars reference… Maybe he was just momentarily seduced by the ‘dark side’ and will return (now for a TSTO Wolfcastle/McBain ref) to engage this hacking-mill guy Allen in some grand ‘climatic battle’.

Either way – it’s time to move on and get back to the game that’s the reason for all this hubbub in the first place. It’s time to get back to some ‘Happy Tapping’ 😀

TSTO Tips ‘Take-Over’ Update

Short update on the TSTO Tips hack or sell-out saga. While the news is still predominately bad, at least their does seem to be some good news. As the story unfolds, it seems that Mr. T had the blog “wrangled” (so to speak) from him by the owner of this hacking-mill.

Do you want to know I where I learned this info and read even more about it? What if I told you it’s a place where the super friendly sprint of TSTO Tips still exists in a much more real-time interactive environment. It’s called Tapped-Out UK. To create an account and sign in right now click or tap here.

Welcome Back Mr.T!

Mr.T, the recently elusive creator of the mega-popular TSTO Tips Blog has returned, but only briefly for now!

TSTO Tips -Mr. T's Avatar       14th  Dalai Lama

He just made a couple of short posts…

He says he’s been traveling outside of Wi-Fi coverage in India, Nepal, Burma and now Thailand. He also said he met the Dalai Lama (of whom I’m a HUGE fan). What an awesome privilege! If could meet any sentient being living in the present moment, he would be at the top of my list.

Mr. T also says he has ten days of vacation left. Well here’s wishing him and his family a safe and enjoyable finish to their epic vacation.

I also want to send a huge note of thanks to Mike S. & WerdnaSimpson for the terrific job they’ve done minding the store at TSTO Tips while Mr. T has been away! Moderating that mega-hit blog must be exhausting!