Simpsons – Gooble Goo, One of Us?

Update: Sorry folks ~ please enjoy a good laugh at my expense 😆 Here’s the deal with this crazy post…

It started when I saw the TSTO dialogue where Lisa is talking to the Gypsy Fortune Teller and she asks “How did you learn about GOO, anyway?” and Lisa responded: “Google”. Well, two seconds later I instinctively ‘Googled Goo’. Got some seemly random results, but none looked to be Simpsons related. Unfortunately, by this point ‘Google Goo’ was embedded in my mind.

Then in last night’s Simpsons’ episode “Treehouse of Horror XXIV”  the Freaks chanted what sounds (to me) like  “Google Goo – One of Us” for some reason. Maybe it’s my aging ears or maybe too many super loud concerts in the 1970’s; lots of Rush & AC/DC [with Bon Scott even] – that sort of thing.

This issue was compounded by the fact (though I tried desperately) I could not get Closed Captions to work through my Comcast DVR. Like I said, I searched Google (and other SE’s) and got nothing that seemed Simpsons related. Tried all kinds of iterations too – even “Gooble Goo”.

Well my OCD-ish tendencies wouldn’t let this rest, thank goodness. Finally got the CC on the DVR to work and it is in fact “Gooble Goo”, no doubt (duh) derived from….



Gonna leave the “Google Goo” version here also. To deepen my embarrassment and also because it’s a cool service. LMBO, at least I said ‘maybe’ in the original post 😉

Original Post: What was the ‘Google Goo’ bit in The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV about?

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