“Whole Springfield” Pictures

I enjoy making screenshots of The Simpsons Tapped Out game almost as much as I enjoy playing it. Especially making stitched-up images of my whole Springfield. Here’s the last one I made. Click to see a much higher-res version on Flickr…

DrewDabble - Whole TSTO Springfield 2013-06-27

Alas, starting with the 4th of July TSTO event, my town has outgrown my technology’s ability to handle it at full resolution. I play on a Samsung GS4 phone and it makes brilliant Full HD 1920×1080 screenshots. However, it seems that in Windows 7, MS Paint’s PNG file size limit seems to be just over 9400×9400 pixels. Which is apparently not big enough to hold a full hi-res Springfield.

Guess I’m going have to reduce the screenshots to about 80% original size before doing the manual stitch-up in MS Paint (which does a great job BTW). Sadly 😦 this will add another tedious step to an already time consuming process.

I hope to have time to make a new one in the next few days. Including all the cool new stuff from Levels 31 & 32. Actually it’s really not that bad, even if It does take a few hours. I find it to be a restful meditative activity ~ in a sand mandala kind of way 🙂

See more of my favorite (hi-res) TSTO screenshots on Flickr… http://www.flickr.com/photos/drewdabble/sets/