Dabble Dog Down

I think EA’s done a pretty good job responding to TSTO character imbalances lately. For instance, they’ve started giving us many more female characters ~ four in Halloween 2013 alone. We got  Ghost Maude Flanders, Booberella, Senile Zombie, Susane the Witch!

Hopefully now it’s time to deal with the fact that Springfield has gone to the dogs 😉

Not sure if this is complete, but there’s plenty of K-9’s these days. We have lots of interesting dogs roaming around alone, being walked by characters – even a puppy, robot & zombie dog.

Now we get a cat to wander round our Springfield’s – but an undead one. Very cool though. Thanks EA and the Global Goo Tapping Communtiy!

Warning, Wild Speculation: So, it’s early Thursday morning and I would normally be anticipating a possible new update… Level 36 ~ maybe. However with Halloween 2013 going on right now, who knows. Anyway, what would I like to see in Level 36? Glad I asked… a character that not only would bring more cats to TSTO, it would also bring another female character. Crazy Cat Lady (aka Eleanor Abernathy).

With EA having put us on notice that they’ll be feeding out the game info, I’m wondering if they might be leaving clues in the game dialogs (dialogues). For instance in Level 33 Sunsphere quest Bart references ghosts and now we have ghosts! With that in mind, I noticed that Frink mentioned SHROOOEdinger recently…

This is probably just classic Geeky DrewBabble goofiness. Now on to a half an hour of tapping towards the Global Goo Effort, then some ZZZZZZZZZZ’s ~ aka: Dabble Dog Down 🙂