A small confession…

I really do plan to blog volumes about my lifelong geeky nature (and some of the amazing adventures [and misfortunes] it has taken me on), but I’m not in a big rush to do so. After all, I’ve been working on this a long time. I mean – A LONG TIME. I’ve been putting little bits of content online since before most people even heard of ‘online’. In that bleak era I call ”BTI” (Before The Internet) using the 1980’s BBS technology.

Now for that small confession: The specific reason that this “DrewDabble” blog exists (at this specific moment) is not to fulfill dreams of unleashing my inner Earl Hamner or to become some sort of Digital Sage sharing my journey towards enlightenment. It’s simply because I’ve become blissfully addicted to one of those newfangled freemium games… EA Mobile’s “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” (TSTO). As the advertisement says, it is LIFE RUININGLY FUN. Soon after getting hooked on TSTO (late February 2013); I found the TSTO Tips blog – which (as I’ve commented there many times) is an indispensable companion to the game.

Having your own WordPress (WP) blog facilitates commenting on other WP blogs like TSTO Tips. However, I did not want to have an ‘empty shell’ of a blog, so I went ahead and made a couple of small (but sincere) posts. I’ll be making many more as time permits. I’ll try to do a new Geeky DrewBabble post in the next few days. However EA has just graced us with yet more new content (Level 32) and that’s bound to set me back a good day or two. 😉

Meanwhile, if you are a dedicated Simpsons Tapped Out player (Tapper) please check out my latest screenshots from the game on my Flickr account. I’m actually trying a little experiment there right now. Until the controversial Level 30, I had pretty much blown through all the game dialog (or dialogue). If you are a word-geek like me, this is quality content that’s as enjoyable as actual game play. Starting with Level 31 (again, time permitting) I will be posting complete composite paste-up images of all the game’s dialog pop-ups in (what I guess you’d call) pictorial walkthroughs. The best way to access these walkthroughs is go to my Flickr ‘Sets’ page and click/tap the Set with the level you want to see. This will present images in the correct order level by level.

BTW: Flickr (IMO) has leapfrogged to the front of the pack in the photo sharing realm. It brilliantly handles full resolution images in an ultra-easy to manage UI. I’m a very visual person and foresee a beautiful relationship with Flickr. So much so, I’ll be doing a full post talking-up Flickr soon!