Update: Is Bender coming to TSTO?

Bender did indeed make an appearance in TSTO!
Alas, only in a series of dialogues. None-the-less, I’m still totally stoked about it 🙂

Beder Time

Sorry Barbarian Homer, but I must reluctantly disagree with you.
Bender Bending Rodríguez is definitely the good (make that “the best”) kind of Bender.
Once-upon-a-time (in my boozier years) I might have sided with you.
However, now, I just want Futurama to ‘live on’ in some form or the other ~ and this is a very good start.

Spoiler Alert: Is Bender coming to TSTO?

The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis 1
My friend Chris J made a post on TOuk that has gotten me so excited that I felt compelled to add a post to this blog, which I rarely do these days. That should give some indication as to how fired-up I am about this. Chris was letting us know that ‘The Legendary’ spAnser has posted (on TSTONews) that an icon of Bender has been added to the game files with the ‘Medieval Times’ update.

Oh please let this be a sign that that the upcoming Simpsons/Futurama crossover will include an Episode Tie-In for TSTO.

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TSTO as a Matchmaker!!! Part II*

This post is a follow up to…
It’s about how two people from different parts of the world found each other because we play the game… The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO). Love Notes in TSTO

WooHoo ~ My Sweetheart came to Tennessee for a visit and we had a wonderful time!!

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I’ve Been a Bad TSTO Blogger…

Sorry, I’ve been a bad TSTO blogger lately 😦  My posting has become very sporadic and worse yet; I’ve completely fallen off on updating my TSTO Walkthroughs. I haven’t even created one for Level 35 yet.

There are a couple of reasons for this…

First, due to the wealth of new TSTO fan based websites that are now thriving, I fear my meager efforts here at DrewDabble.com have, alas, become surplus to requirement.

Second, there’s been a somewhat unexpected development in my personal TSTO playing habits. After spending over seven months ceaselessly searching (scouring) the Internet for the latest information on upcoming updates and walkthroughs, I’ve found an ‘amazing new joy’ in trying to figure out (for myself) who starts (and who is needed for) the various quests without any advance information.

In addition, there also seems to be an intriguing new wrinkle in the TSTO information food-chain. The latest TSTO update from EA with a Season 25 / Halloween teaser had some very direct dialogue stating that, as of now, only EA knows what’s coming next…

From TSTO Season 25 and Halloween 2013 Teaser Update - DrewDabble

Unless a need arises again, I will not be adding any new walkthroughs on this site. Instead I will be posting (and updating) links to some great TSTO fan-sites and blogs that provide all the info any Tapper could ever hope to know.These are the sites I personally frequent and highly recommend. They can be found on my new TSTO Links page… HERE.

Not wanting to completely pull content that is still getting some hits, I am moving the links to my old walkthroughs to my TSTO Archive page… HERE.

My Andriod TSTO game freezes and crashes regularly!

I am so dang frustrated!!!  For weeks now, my main (premium) Simpsons Tapped Out game (on my Samsung GS4 Android phone) freezes and crashes almost every session, usually within a minute or two of game play.

Frustrated Homer

I was hoping yesterday’s update (Level 35) might also bring a fix for this, but NO!

I’ve worked in IT for over 25 years, and I’m confident I’ve run down all the usual suspects. My GS4 phone is super clean with all OEM bloatware disabled (and none added). Plus I’ve done all the standard trouble-shooting steps… up to and including uninstalling & reinstalling TSTO – multiple times.

Also tried it from all manner of network connections from the phone’s 4G to many otherwise perfectly functioning Wi-Fi systems.  Still get the same thing… a minute or two of game play and then FREEZE-O-MATIC. It takes around 45 seconds to crash-out back to the Android OS screen by itself or I can hammer the home button until it closes.

The good news, if any, is sometimes times after it crashes-out once (or twice) it will work ‘OK’ for a while. Also, it seems I can sometimes avoid the freeze/crash if I quickly go back and forth between either Krustyland and Springfield (or visit Friend’s Towns & KLs) several times.

Just to be clear, I haven’t tried my ‘main game’ on a different device (Tablet, BlueStacks, Etc.) because (due to the mobile nature of my job) the only satisfactory solution for me to get my required ‘TSTO Fix’ every hour (or two) is to play the game on my phone. 😉

Here the thing ~ professionally, right now is my busiest time of year. Plus this year (thankfully) it’s much busier than recent years. For the next couple of months I don’t have the time or resources to even consider replacing (or factory resetting) my otherwise perfectly functioning phone. BTW: TSTO is only the app I’ve ever had any problems with at all on this phone. In fact, it’s the only problem (period) I’ve had from this remarkable Samsung device, at all – EVER!

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m still a very dedicated TSTO fan and will continue to play as best I can. Plus I’m very excited about the possibilities for an awesome upcoming Halloween 2013 event!  🙂

The Sunsphere Arrives in My Springfield

The Sunsphere made it to TSTO! Bought it, rushed it and the boys are climbing it…
Frinkafication of the Sunsphere

I love the dialogue too! Hope my fellow Knoxvillians share my appreciation of satire. Come on, we’re talking about a TV show that has made fun of everything from cities, states, countries to world political & religious leaders ~ just to name a few. 😉 Besides in the episode this item comes from – Nelson knocks it over with rock! 😀 I wish EA had included this as a 10s task (w/animation) for Nelson.

DrewDabble pointing at Nelson… Ha-Ha!
Nelson WOD FIR

We’re no strangers to snarky comments here in Knoxville. The Wall Street Journal called us a ‘Scruffy Little City’ when the ‘WOD FIR’ opened back in 1982. Here’s a link to a recent story about it on a local TV station…

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done with The Sunsphere (work in progress). I love to think-up back stories to go along with the placement of certain items. The angle here is, Frink bought it off the ‘Gil’s List’ website and moved it to Springfield (i.e. London Bridge ). He’s going to retrofit it with all manner of sciencey gizmos and use it as his own private SETI ‘device’ by siphoning a few megawatts from the power plant via sponsorship from Burns and the Stonecutters‘.

Final thought: I grinned so hard, I about sprained my face when I zoomed in close and got a look at the animation of the pigeons wearing wigs!!! 🙂


BlueStacks – Cool TSTO Epic Fail

TSTO Church Doves TRG - DrewDabble
I’ve posted before on Texture Rendering Glitches (TRGs) from EA’s The Simpsons Tapped Out game like the one above from my Android. I call it ‘Church Doves’.

I have two TSTO games. My main game Android one has most of the premium items (since April 2013) and my ‘2nd game’ is without a single donut purchased item – so I can enjoys both POV’s.

My 2nd game runs on a BlueStacks App Player (Beta 1) on a Windows 8 desktop. While TRGs are an everyday occuranceon on my Android, I’ve never a seen a single one on BlueStacks. However it does sometimes pull an occasional  ‘epic fail’ and flashes some cool mosaic screens of TSTO images. This is the first time I’ve been fast enough to ‘Prt Scr’ one. **BTW – I flipped this image for better viewing… 
BlueStacks - TSTO Epic Fail - DrewDabble

I recognize most of the items except for these…
TSTO Baseball in Case - DrewDabble
Are they new or something from before I started playing in late Feb 2013. Does anyone have information about these items?

Being A Good Neighbor-eeno

Nearly overwhelmed by ‘real-world’ work and blogging related stuff, my TSTO playing has suffered. My second (100% non-premium) game is forming cobwebs.

Good Neighbor-eeno

My vising of friends’ towns is lagging also. I’m nearly maxed out so that’s almost a hundred.  I haven’t timed it, but it takes a long time to visit them all. It’s giving me flashbacks to Whacking Day, when TSTO became a part-time job. I for one, was relieved to see the laidback pace of Squidport.

Now that we can see who has visited us (except for vandalism) I’m going to try my best to reciprocate with Tappers who visit me. However, with no ability to ‘sort’ or ‘favorite’ on the Friends Screen this is somewhat laborious. Seriously, I’m getting guitar players’ callus on the end of my tapping finger from scrolling back and forth so much.

The best solution would be if EA just automatically sorted the friends that have visited your town to the front of the list on the Friends Screen.

This would give us the ability to manage more friends. Which I’d very much like – because (true story), I’ve been struggling to find a few friends to remove from my Springfield. I had nearly decided on a short list when one of them visited my town.

I’ll end by dusting the cobwebs off my second game and showing it some love. Here’s a screenshot from it. What is the rarest thing one could ever glimpse while visiting someone else’s town?  I’m thinking that would be witnessing a crop of Perfection blooming. I’ve tried several times going back and forth between my two games with no luck. Not sure if it’s even possible with the lag-time involved in syncing with EA’s servers. So here’s one I grabbed directly from my second game. I’m tellin’ ya folks, it’s even hard to make a screenshot and then harvest Perfection before it rots.Perfection Crop Blooming