TSTO as a Matchmaker!!! Part II*

This post is a follow up to…
It’s about how two people from different parts of the world found each other because we play the game… The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO). Love Notes in TSTO

WooHoo ~ My Sweetheart came to Tennessee for a visit and we had a wonderful time!!

Drew and Em - Always SmilingShe arrived on a much hotter day than we normally have this time year. Her bus arrived around 30 minutes early, so unfortunately she roasted in the evening sun for a while before I arrived. I felt terrible about that 😦

I’ll never forget our first hug there at the transit center. I was instantly at ease in Em’s presence. This is very unusual for me. As I’ve stated elsewhere on this blog, I suffer from some social difficulties. However when I’m with her it’s as if my social issue just vanish into thin air.

My place is a small loft which is basically one open space. This means we spent over two weeks together in this one room and we never felt a moment of awkwardness. We were pretty much never apart the whole time. She even went with me when I had to go see some of my IT clients. We are totally compatible!

Yay ~ we finally got play TSTO together. We also cooked some meals together. She’s a terrific cook and baker. She made some absolutely delicious cookies. There was some extra dough so she froze it for me to bake later. I made a small batch to eat while I was writing this… soooo yummy!  She also frozen me some of her meatballs and gravy that I’ve already gobbled up.

Walked all over downtown (where I live) hand-in-hand. I’ve never been comfortable displaying affection in public before ~ but not with Em. We hugged and kissed everywhere we went. We also tend to smile excessively whenever we’re together. I apologize to anyone we made uneasy but we can’t help it… being affectionate just happens spontaneously for us.

Kissy Face Near the Sunsphere

It only took about a week for us to realize we are a perfect match for each other and we always want to be together. Plans to get married are underway.

Wanting to spend every remaining second of her trip together, when it was time for her to return home, I tagged along on the bus ride back to New York and JFK airport. While waiting for her plane to board we made plans for me to go to Sweden for a visit very soon. Leaving her at the security gate was one of the most emotionally difficult experiences of my life. I had several hours to kill in NYC before the bus departed for my return home. I just wandered aimlessly around midtown, including Times Square, thinking how lucky I am to have found my true love.

I’ve gotta say that the Internet is a lifesaver for folks like us that are in long-distance relationships. We spend tons of time video chatting. We try to talk every day and some of our streaming sessions go on blissfully for hours (and hours).

The bottom line is… I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. I’m totally in love with Em and want to spend the rest of my life with her 🙂

*Em has three posts about TSTO as a Matchmaker…

4 thoughts on “TSTO as a Matchmaker!!! Part II*

  1. We are on the same page 🙂 always! We have the same feelings for each other and the same fondness for black pepper in very generous amounts… You make me so Happy!

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