Out with Halloween 2013 and in with Level 37!

TSTO Level 37 - DrewDabble

With Level 37 we get the Van Houten’s plus some cool new buildings and items.

The fog and dark water are gone. The blowing leaves stayed.

I’m also very glad to have Blinky back. I missed you, man!!!
Blinky's Back - DrewDabble

3 thoughts on “Out with Halloween 2013 and in with Level 37!

  1. Hi Drew, I’m finally getting the hang of the SP tiles, and have tapped yours three times in the last twenty hours! Good job with the car track, by the way. I wanted to join the page on tapped-out-uk to let you know, but I can’t even access the site (I get a 403 error message). Is it only on my end? I had a glitch earlier where I was logged in under my first name, and not YDM, I had lost my friends and my earlier messages didn’t exist anymore. Is there any way I can contact Em Cha for help?

    • Hey YDM, T-Ouk is/was having some problems. They had to restore a backup of the site from November 2. The site is back online but I’m afraid you may need to recreate your account and redo some of your profile stuff.

      I lost 7 new friends over there, including you 😦 Please re-friend me when you get back on.

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