TSTO as a Matchmaker?

Hi y’all! I’m Em. You may know me from Sites like T-Ouk, TopiX and theAdiposeTV-twitchtv channel. I’m Internal Support, writer and moderator on those places but here, on DrewDabble’s blog, I’m just Me. Drew’s Girlfriend, his Sweetheart, his Em šŸ˜€ Just Lucky Me!

>> We enjoy decorating our towns with sweet little messages to one another…
Em & Drew - Towns

The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO)Ā is the mobilegame that brought us together. This story takes us on a journey through the TSTO community. It started with the download and continued with that well-known blog, Flickr, our personal blogs and T-Ouk. After ‘the incident’, the community expanded to include TopiX,Ā TSTOAddicts, TheAdiposeTV and some other personal TSTO blogs.

A dialogue with Em & DrewDabble (DD)…
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TSTO is much more than a game, itā€™s a lifestyle.

Little did I know (back at the end of February 2013) that the simple act of downloading a gameĀ to my phone would soon have a profound impact on my life!

As a fan of The Simpsons, since its beginnings onĀ The Tracey Ullman Show, I took an immediate liking andĀ became a daily player of TSTO. As longtime readers of this blog will note, Iā€™m fairly open about certain (specific) issues I have socially. In light of this fact,Ā it was quite out of character for me when I found a certain mega-hit blog and begin to participate dailyĀ ~ commentingĀ and sharing information about this most addictive game.

Before the Whacking Day event, I pretty much tried to ignore the social aspects of the game.Ā Up to this point, I had been playing ‘anonymously’.Then I realized to successfully participate in Whacking Day it was (almost) mandatory to become involved socially.Ā The truth is,Ā IĀ almost decided to quit playing the game altogether. However,Ā I was so fascinatedĀ by the TSTO phenomenon, I was able overcome my looming social anxiety. I created an EA ‘Origin’ account and startedĀ making TSTO friends (andĀ neighbor-reenos) all over the world.

I became part of a global communityā€¦ a wonderful community that thrives, not onlyĀ through the game itself, but alsoĀ a network of fan-sites, forumsĀ and blogs.
(For a list of my favorites, please see my TSTO Links page)

Then, when I thought things couldnā€™t get any better, I was once again surprised! Actually ā€˜surprisedā€™ is a monumental understatement. Through my involvement with this game and theĀ community it has fostered… I have metĀ an amazing gal and we have begunĀ a relationship. Her name is Emma (‘Em’) Cha.

To be continued, in an upcoming postā€¦ Em and DD

Bye-Bye Mapple Store?

I’ve blogged and commented about TheĀ Mapple Store for some time now. I’m a computer geek and I want it for my TSTO Springfield very badly!

However, after last night’s Simpson’s episode “Four Regretting’s and a Funeral”Ā I fear The Mapple Store may be farther away than ever. They didn’t refer to ‘Mapple’ in this episode at all.Ā Ā They usedĀ  ‘Apple’ instead ~ includingĀ this little messageĀ I spotted near the end of theĀ episode…Bye-Bye Apple (Mapple)

I need to get back to the mindfulness ofĀ  ‘living in the moment’, where past TSTO items are concerned, and go buy the remaining limited-timeĀ Halloween items lest I miss out again, LOL.Ā The current event is scheduled to end November 7th.

A small rant, sort ofā€¦

For long time readers, this may come as a shock because Iā€™m going to try and briefly set aside my usual ā€œif you donā€™t have something positive to say, donā€™t say anything at allā€ point of view.

Iā€™m feeling a little bad already and I havenā€™t even written anything yet. Itā€™s because Iā€™ve been thrilled with almost every new addition to TSTO. Itā€™s almost like EA have been reading my mind (or something like that).

Yeah, then thereā€™s the fact that lots of Tappers donā€™t have the donuts to spare and it really was thoughtful for those folks to receive a free premium item.

Plus itā€™s also sends out a nice message that good things do come to those who are patient. ā€œPatience Grasshopperā€, has always been my motto!

So what was I going to rant about, oh yeah – I paid donuts for the Wailing Wall! Now I have two. My townā€™s design theme is like me and is reflected clearly in this blogā€™s tag line ā€˜Nothing Specialā€¦ā€™ I only want one of everything ~ not two! Except maybe for items that I use for funā€¦ for instance, over at Tapped-Out UK some of us hide rabbit hedges around our towns for our neighbor-eenos to find in a game called SUBS.

So okay, now I feel completely petty and selfish but thatā€™s not a bad thing IMHO. Because it shows me that Iā€™m grown-up enough be able recognize the nature of these (or almost any other) feelings

Thank you Zen!
šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜ šŸ™‚ šŸ˜€