About Unmoderated Comments…

A quick word about unmoderated comments on this blog:

1 … I’m a ‘rules geek’ when it comes to playing any game (or in life, in general, for that matter). So while I’m not judging, at all ~ I will not moderate any comment that mentions (or has links or any ties) to hacking, cheating or even glitch exploits. In cartoon terms, I’m a Dudley Do-Right. Yes, I mean I’m a (sometimes) bumbling fool (Dp. 63) who always tries to do the right thing. Heck I’m so straight-laced that I don’t even exploit glitches in the game to gain extra swag that was not intended by the game’s creators. I’m not being high-handed here, everyone chooses their own path. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations or in less geeky terms… It’s all good 🙂

2 … Comments that are unrelated or that contain references (or links) that I simply don’t know anything about (and more importantly don’t have enough time to research). I strive to keep all material on this blog relevant and family-friendly ~ meaning within US TV-PG guidelines content-wise. I’m truly sorry about not moderating these comments but I only have so much time. Plus I’m easily distracted and really need to try and keep the focus on my chosen topics ~ which I can more effectively manage.

For more please read my http://drewdabble.com/about/ page.

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