Has TSTO jumped the shark?

Has The Simpsons Tapped Out jumped the shark? Let me say upfront… I sure hope not! I personally think TSTO has a bright future (rama). However, everyone must understand that everything changes and TSTO will too. I have been considering this unpleasant thought for a while now. My foreboding has increased since Halloween 2013 started. I’ll give my reasoning for this in a moment, but first I want to say that it makes me feel better knowing that (in the super-friendly global group of TSTO fan-sites that I frequent) I’m not the only one with these concerns 😐

The key issue here is (and always will be) to realize that TSTO is a ‘product’ that is ‘produced’ by a ‘business’ and in business the bottom-line rules. We can all tap, surf, comment and blog until our fingertips are calloused, our egos are satisfied and our brains implode, but in the end………….. buying donuts, from EA 😉 is what will ultimately keep this wonderful game going forward.

To that end, I bought another 900 donuts (that BTW, I could scarcely afford) to let EA know where DrewDabble stands 😀

Now back to my personal reason for concern about TSTO’s future…


I’ve commented and blogged about this for months foreseeing this upcoming challenge; just Google or Bing “DrewDabble”. One major improvement that would seem to be technologically possible is a powerful new character/task management system. We desperately need a more efficient way to task all the current (plus hopefully many more future) TSTO characters on a daily basis. Part one of two (maybe)…

2 thoughts on “Has TSTO jumped the shark?

  1. Just Google MasterSneasle ! I get about twenty pages! One year ago it was all gaming forums saying ‘Uh Eye Nammmde Muh Sneasle Master’ and all that! Have you hit 100,000 views yet? ( You deserve it!)

    • Thanks MasterSneasle! Like I’ve said before, I don’t talk about how many views I have, but congratulations on hitting 100,000! I can see why, your site is awesome. 🙂

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