Mesmerized by Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV Couch Gag

It blows my mind how many references are packed into this 3 minute jewel! I’ve gone totally compulsive on this thing. Been through it almost frame by frame and I’m awe stuck. The nice thing about having this (DrewDabble) blog is I can obsess about anything I want, without worrying about clogging up other sites’ comment streams with my foolishness. So lets get started. And be warned, this post contains some silly self-indulgent speculation. In fact, I almost feel like I’m getting to close to this game (and the TV shows) and may need a little stay in the Calmwood.

Maggie with a $50 price tag. If the price tag had been marked 50 donuts my head would have exploded. Plus check out those Steampunk items! Yo, Gil ol’ buddy ~ you thinking what I am?TOH XXIV CG - Maggie $50

Lisa’s school band scene. The pictures on the wall are interesting. Left to right… Alien Maggie TOH IX. The Island of Dr. Hibbert TOH XIII. And from the 1st TOH Bart the Raven; forevermore in my TSTO Springfield now, thx EA!. Then there’s the Grand Pumpkin that’s on the Halloween 2013 Content Button in ‘build mode’ in TSTO. TOH XXIV CG - Lisa Band Scene

Poe and Three-Eyed Raven. Three eyes, again. Hmmm…TOH XXIV CG - Poe and Three-Eyed Raven

I need some help with this one. Who’s being portrayed (parodied) here? TOH XXIV CG - Wish I knew

Torches and Pitchforks, LOL… Forget about it Fox & EA, you’ll never out-run the Trolls 😉  BTW: Digging that TIE alien. TOH XXIV TIE-in (Ha-Ha)

Maggie and Bender in TSTO? I would spend sooooooo many donuts for this EA!!!!!!!!! Read more of my Futurama Fantasies on my other fan-site blog… Just in case 😀 TOH XXIV Maggie & Bender

Always been a Blinky fan. While Halloween 2013 seems to have taken Blinky (hopefully only temporally) out of our water features. EA most thoughtfully kept us folks, who don’t have the Blinky Balloon, from having Blinky Abandonment Issues by giving us the Three-Eyed Sushi Stand to permanently adorn our Squidports. Blinky Rules!!!CG7 TOH XXIV Killer Blinky

I’m going to skip talking about B-9 on purpose here. There’s way too much opportunity to ‘Beautiful Mind It’ 😉 but suffice it to say The Robot & DrewDabble go back a while. Do fear, Smith is here… Is that Jonathan Harris in a suit, not LiS costume? Went A-Googlin’ ~ Space Academy, maybe ❓
TOH XXIV Space Academy Reference Maybe

So okay, it’s 3am as I’m typing this and I’m seeing flying Kif Krokers in this scene. Maybe it’s time to get some sleep and dream of Futurama content coming to TSTO…
TOH XXIV Kif Kroker - Maybe

Here’s the whole thing, check it out. Pure Epicness!

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