Closure: The References in Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV

This amazing video brilliantly points out most (if not, all) of the references in this epic couch gag! Closure at last, thank you, moviepilot…

This site is in German, so I fired up the ‘ol universal translator
(aka  Click for full-res version…
Universal Translator TOH XXIV

I’m glad I did not stick my neck out (speculatively speaking) any further than I did…
I said maybe! Rod Serling –LMSMAO– Jonathan Harris   But still…As It Is - Confessions of a Goolgaholic - DrewDabble
Besides, I’m an ‘OG Space Cadet’ and sentiment & wishful thinking may have prevailed here. I would love to watch some Space Academy episodes again.
Anyway, considering the vast and bottomless information well, that the Internet is, it is scary how quickly things can go ‘Beautiful Mind‘… Maybe 😉

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