TSTO Halloween 2013 (Steampunk?) Content

The Victorian UFO is my favorite prize so far. Thanks again EA! However I’m wondering why they didn’t call it a Steampunk UFO?  Not complaining at all, but just wondering if it was to obscure of a reference, or were they just seeing if anybody would blog about it?
Victorian - Steampunk - UFO - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble (Samll Ver)
Victorian - Steampunk - UFO - Sideshow Bob - DrewDabbleI was trying for a screenshot with a ghost (or two) but guess who kept showing up instead. He seems to be showing up much more often these days. I’m wondering…

Speculative Spoiler Alert…

I’ve been reading that a Simpsons character gets killed-off this season. A clue that I’ve spotted  is the doomed Simpsonian’s voice actor is a Emmy winner. Sideshow Bob has no voice in TSTO ~ Soooooo…

1 thought on “TSTO Halloween 2013 (Steampunk?) Content

  1. It was in a Tree’ouse o’ ‘orror it was. Kang an’ Kodos’ were init in an 17’een’h century Bri’ish Cocknay segment.

    God, I live 30 miles away from England and I cant even type a false British accent!

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