Happy Halloween 2013 From… Boo-Dabble

 BooDabble - DrewDabble - Happy Halloween 2013

Or should I say Goo-Dabble?

I like it! I know it may be somewhat of a let down for folks that got some of this stuff last year, but for those of us that have been admiring these items when visiting Friend’s towns – it’s terrific. Thanks EA!

As I established in my last post, I’m really cutting down on my personal spoiler/walkthrough consumption. I’m finding that if I just figure out most of quests myself, this puts me right on pace with EA’s update flow. For example, though abandoned for the moment so everyone can enjoy the new Halloween event in Springfield, my Krustyland still has one thing left to build – The Tooth Chipper.

We have until November 7th to earn all the 10 Main Prizes. This means that  if you started yesterday (US) you only need to collect around 280 Goo’s per day. I’ve already got over 500 Goo’s (and the first two prizes) in in less than one day. And this was with just over a dozen of my Friend’s towns to the point where I could visit them to Squish Ghosts, Haunt Stuff and Release Gremlins. When they are all available, I’m guessing gathering a 800-1000 Goo’s a day is easily attainable.

So I’m going to relax and take my time and enjoy the event! If you’ re looking for walkthroughs, spoilers and anything else a Tapper could want, please check out my new TSTO Links Pagehttp://drewdabble.com/drewdabble-tsto-links-page/

Happy Trick or Treating Tappers 🙂Trick or Treat Task - DrewDabble

16 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2013 From… Boo-Dabble

  1. Great 2-D Halloween display! (I’m sure you saw my shout-out to you when you visited my Springfield, but still. It’s hard to write with bushes…) How long did it take? Happy tapping!

    • Thanks YoDarthMeow, It took an hour or so, then I kept tweaking this & that for hours. It was a good way to pass the time while waiting for the Halloween update. Also, I did see it, and thank you for that shout-out in your town 🙂

      BTW: I think your screen-name is great… I remember when we friended, it was back near the end of Whacking Day, wasn’t it?

      • Yup, I had been playing without registering since more or less the Valentine event, but had to register for the frenzy that Whacking Day became in its last week or so (well, its _scheduled_ last week). Origin didn’t let me sign up as plain DarthMeow (aren’t some cats natural Sith lords?), so had to add the Yo. I friended a batch of neighborinos over at TSTOTips Mk.I, and you were one of the first, very friendly and enthusiastic in your commentaries. I didn’t know you had a blog, I found it today!
        I really liked WD, but this Halloween is gonna be memorable. I wonder how they’ll top that at Christmas.

      • This is apparently an EA glitch of some sort. Just visited your town, couldn’t do anything to let you know though; still have 19 hours before I can Haunt again and you are full-up on Gremlins. This happened to me about the same time… I had someone go missing from my list and then reappear. Weird thing was, they were the only one of my nearly maxed friends list that disappeared. Weirder still (now that I’ve seen your comment) is their username is Star Wars based also.

        Off-topic: This makes me fantasize about EA doing a TSTO / Star Wars crossover. That would be so unbelievably cool 😀 and maybe it’s not that farfetched ~ they are already in business together… http://www.ea.com/news/ea-and-disney-team-up-on-new-star-wars-games

      • One of my neighbours (the last one on my list, no Star Wars-inspired name, though!) has been blinking in and out of the list for a few weeks… Well, anyway, you’re back, but I only saw your visit in my town one hour or so after you reappeared, and after three connections where my screen didn’t show any of the other Springfields, a common glitch these days, apparently. But considering the huge number of players, it’s a small miracle that it doesn’t crash or glitch more often, I guess.

        A TSTO/Star Wars crossover event would be great!

      • This glitch seems to have also reset your re-visit timer. A few hours ago your timer was showing 19 hours. However I was just looking through my Neighbor-eenos and saw your timer zeroed-out. So I popped in for another visit 🙂

      • Oh, that’s why, then! Everything is back to normal for now, let’s get some GOO!

      • Oh Yeah, I heard that YDM 🙂 Getting ready make the rounds this afternoon (Eastern US) after a small blog post. I only need about 500 more Goo for the Ultrahouse and should be able to get that done before ‘Treehouse of Horror XXIV’ airs at 8:00pm. Can’t wait for the ‘Attic’ tie-in and reveal after the show airs ~ but in what time zone? Might be a late night!

    • I’ll have to wait for the big reveal until tomorrow morning anyway, I’m in France. Just got the Ultrahouse, good luck to you for yours!

      • Thanks neighbor-eeno and if you don’t like spoilers, don’t worry about visiting here, my posts will have ‘Continue Reading’ links (for at least at 24 hours) to try and keep most spoiler info optional 🙂

  2. I won a donut from a ghost while visiting a friends town! I ended yesterday with 115 donuts after my big spending spree and now I’m at 116 donuts. It all happened so quickly that I couldn’t take a screen shot. 😦 Plus, tapped-out.co.uk won’t let me comment or post status updates, super sad face! I visit that site more than Facebook. Thanks for letting me rant. 🙂

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