Finally, Patty and Selma – Thanks EA!

Now for some light-hearted TSTO Level 35 fun 😀

I used my emotional turmoil (over this issue) as an excuse to blow a bunch of donuts rushing Level 35 to the point of building the Springfield DMV.

Patty and Selma EA TY Tribute

Satisfied with my modest (as always) design I wanted to grab some screenshots to share. Patty was all over the place while I waited for Selma, who was wandering around close by. I was hoping for a dream shot with both Patty & Selma by my newly placed DMV.

I made several shots but alas Selma never made it into frame. So I decide to do a paste-up pic with four Patty’s around my DMV design as a tribute to EA for finally bringing us not only the long sought after Patty & Selma twins but also Sherri & Terri with Level 34!

Hmmm… Twins and then more Twins in back to back updates? 11:11? 🙂

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