Being A Good Neighbor-eeno

Nearly overwhelmed by ‘real-world’ work and blogging related stuff, my TSTO playing has suffered. My second (100% non-premium) game is forming cobwebs.

Good Neighbor-eeno

My vising of friends’ towns is lagging also. I’m nearly maxed out so that’s almost a hundred.  I haven’t timed it, but it takes a long time to visit them all. It’s giving me flashbacks to Whacking Day, when TSTO became a part-time job. I for one, was relieved to see the laidback pace of Squidport.

Now that we can see who has visited us (except for vandalism) I’m going to try my best to reciprocate with Tappers who visit me. However, with no ability to ‘sort’ or ‘favorite’ on the Friends Screen this is somewhat laborious. Seriously, I’m getting guitar players’ callus on the end of my tapping finger from scrolling back and forth so much.

The best solution would be if EA just automatically sorted the friends that have visited your town to the front of the list on the Friends Screen.

This would give us the ability to manage more friends. Which I’d very much like – because (true story), I’ve been struggling to find a few friends to remove from my Springfield. I had nearly decided on a short list when one of them visited my town.

I’ll end by dusting the cobwebs off my second game and showing it some love. Here’s a screenshot from it. What is the rarest thing one could ever glimpse while visiting someone else’s town?  I’m thinking that would be witnessing a crop of Perfection blooming. I’ve tried several times going back and forth between my two games with no luck. Not sure if it’s even possible with the lag-time involved in syncing with EA’s servers. So here’s one I grabbed directly from my second game. I’m tellin’ ya folks, it’s even hard to make a screenshot and then harvest Perfection before it rots.Perfection Crop Blooming

12 thoughts on “Being A Good Neighbor-eeno

  1. I feel your pain! I’ve got 90 neighboring Springfields that I breakup into to groups to visit. Each group takes about 45 minutes to travel through providing I don’t get distracted and becomea tourist and admire the artistry in what has been built. 🙂 (I go back a 2nd time to look around so that the origins timer for being neighborly stays within a scheduled period that works better with my daily schedule.)
    I use iOS on an iPad to play. I can see the Origin ids in both KL & Springfield, as well a who placed the graffiti in the towns that I visit and clean. As tempting a deleting some of the other towns might be, I cannot bring myself to act on the impulse. No one likes to be rejected 🙂 I feel guilty enough when I ‘reset’ the access to towns by deliberately not visiting them for 12 hrs.

  2. Are you saying that you’re removing the friends that don’t visit your town?
    I have a full set (100 friends). I use them to get my extra Krustyland tickets. As far as I know, people can’t even see handshakes in Krustyland, even less the user id that has visited.

    One of them is still on level 9 and I’m only CONCIDERING to remove him… since he doesn’t seem to bother to play/level up. Though since still not even half of my friends have Krustylands, I think it’d be unfair to just remove that single one. Guess I’m oversensitive.

    • Hey Iz, Guess I’m oversensitive too 🙂 I did make list of eight to remove, over a week ago. I then got very busy in the ‘real world’ and never followed through. Since then two of them have visited my town! It’s upsetting to think that I almost deleted them 😦 For the time being, I’ve decided not to delete anyone.

    • I did not see an Origin ID when tapping graffiti like I do with hand-shakes; but alas my eyes aren’t as good as they once were 😉 I’m on Android. Please report any differing observations. Thanks FerrariF50!

      • Well that is strange! I’ve been observing what happens when tapping any graffiti and in some cases it shows the Origin ID and sometimes it doesn’t. I am baffled!

      • Thanks for letting me know FerrariF50, Very interesting! I tried it again and still did not see an ID on my Android. What do you play TSTO on Android or Apple/iOS?

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