Good News, Everyone!

Good News Everyone
This is an update to my (possibly) misunderstood post…

The pre-takeover TSTO Tips Team is regrouping and can be found here. Hopefully they won’t change the URL again 😉 But if they do, just check back here because I will have probably tracked it down and posted about it. Anyway Mike, Mickus and most of gang are there and hopefully more will be joining soon.

Plus, and this is a BIG PLUS, (also long overdue) they finally have a female voice! Her pen name is minicha or ‘Em Cha’ as she’s known at Tapped-Out UK which is kind-of an online version of ‘Cheers’ (you know, like a pub where everyone knows your n…) Just create a free account and join in on the fun! BTW: Please add an account pic, this helps the more ‘visually oriented’ of us keep track of your shared TSTO insights.

OK, so maybe now I can get back to making this a ‘Multi-Topic’ blog.  Woo Hoo 🙂 To which Professor Farnsworth is a clue (but not in a bad way, like his ‘good news’ usually is on the TV Show)

9 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!

    • I was just trying to prevent anyone else from grabbing up that domain name and doing something bad with it. I so want to see become a huge success. I miss the old TSTO Tips 😦

      I’m just a “benevolent guardian IT geek”. Mike S is the head administrator over there and you’ll have to contact him to find what you can do to help blog-wise. But one thing’s for sure, they’re going to need donations. To grow as large as the old Tips, they will need a dedicated server soon and that’s going to be expensive. So please spread the word mastersneasle!

      • Spreading words is something I’m good at! I just can’t believe Mr T. would screw us over like that. I may be able to jimmy something up. I once set NYAN CAT 100 hours playing in an apple store in Boston.

      • Thanks mastersneasle!

        Gotta say, I’m not sure it was all Mr. T’s fault. From what I’ve read the site was high-jacked by (what I call) “legal wrangling”. Anyway as I far as I’m cornered, it’s a dead issue – because we’ve got a wonderful new blog to enjoy now! 🙂

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