TSTO Level 34 arrives with Springfield High School + Superintendent Chalmers, Sherri & Terri, Springfield Knowledgeum and its promo robot – Robby The Automaton and some additional decorations… Starts with Lisa ~ More soon 🙂 TSTO Level 34 - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble

TSTO – Life-Ruiningly Fun!

Great tagline and I do love the game, but DrewDabble does not want to end up like this poor fellow…

My ‘real world’ Jay-Oh-Bee is not going to permit much time to blog for the next few days, but then it’s the Labor Day Weekend holiday (in the US) and hopefully plenty of time for playing TSTO and blogging ~ AND reading plus hanging-out at Tapped-Out UK… my two favorite TSTO sites!

BTW: Besides The Sunsphere, another of Knoxville Tennessee’s claims to fame is our massive Labor Day (BoomsDay) fireworks event – the largest in the country. If the weather’s good, 400,000 people will be here!

Of course if anything new shows up in the game this week, I will post about it. Which makes me wonder could be next? The Internet TSTO rumor-mill is very quiet right now; not much word on what’s coming next.

I’ve read Gil may be coming back with new promo in August. There’s one more week to go, so that would have to be soon… Labor Day Weekend maybe???

As for Level 34 – I can’t find anything much at all. But, Please EA, it’s time for Patty & Selma 🙂

TSTO Baseball – Identified

TSTO Baseball in Case - DrewDabble BlueStacks - TSTO Epic Fail - DrewDabble

I believe the ‘baseball in a display case’ that I spotted in a BlueStacks App Player crash while playing TSTO a few days ago (and posted about here). has been identified by deleuzion over at Flickr. Thanks!! I’ve been wondering about this for days 🙂

It’s a baseball made from Secretariat and it was an item for sale at the sports collectables store The Spend Zone  from the episode ‘You Only Move Twice‘ (1996)

Does this mean it’s in the next…?
Gil Deal TSTO

The Sunsphere Arrives in My Springfield

The Sunsphere made it to TSTO! Bought it, rushed it and the boys are climbing it…
Frinkafication of the Sunsphere

I love the dialogue too! Hope my fellow Knoxvillians share my appreciation of satire. Come on, we’re talking about a TV show that has made fun of everything from cities, states, countries to world political & religious leaders ~ just to name a few. 😉 Besides in the episode this item comes from – Nelson knocks it over with rock! 😀 I wish EA had included this as a 10s task (w/animation) for Nelson.

DrewDabble pointing at Nelson… Ha-Ha!
Nelson WOD FIR

We’re no strangers to snarky comments here in Knoxville. The Wall Street Journal called us a ‘Scruffy Little City’ when the ‘WOD FIR’ opened back in 1982. Here’s a link to a recent story about it on a local TV station…

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done with The Sunsphere (work in progress). I love to think-up back stories to go along with the placement of certain items. The angle here is, Frink bought it off the ‘Gil’s List’ website and moved it to Springfield (i.e. London Bridge ). He’s going to retrofit it with all manner of sciencey gizmos and use it as his own private SETI ‘device’ by siphoning a few megawatts from the power plant via sponsorship from Burns and the Stonecutters‘.

Final thought: I grinned so hard, I about sprained my face when I zoomed in close and got a look at the animation of the pigeons wearing wigs!!! 🙂


BlueStacks – Cool TSTO Epic Fail

TSTO Church Doves TRG - DrewDabble
I’ve posted before on Texture Rendering Glitches (TRGs) from EA’s The Simpsons Tapped Out game like the one above from my Android. I call it ‘Church Doves’.

I have two TSTO games. My main game Android one has most of the premium items (since April 2013) and my ‘2nd game’ is without a single donut purchased item – so I can enjoys both POV’s.

My 2nd game runs on a BlueStacks App Player (Beta 1) on a Windows 8 desktop. While TRGs are an everyday occuranceon on my Android, I’ve never a seen a single one on BlueStacks. However it does sometimes pull an occasional  ‘epic fail’ and flashes some cool mosaic screens of TSTO images. This is the first time I’ve been fast enough to ‘Prt Scr’ one. **BTW – I flipped this image for better viewing… 
BlueStacks - TSTO Epic Fail - DrewDabble

I recognize most of the items except for these…
TSTO Baseball in Case - DrewDabble
Are they new or something from before I started playing in late Feb 2013. Does anyone have information about these items?

Being A Good Neighbor-eeno

Nearly overwhelmed by ‘real-world’ work and blogging related stuff, my TSTO playing has suffered. My second (100% non-premium) game is forming cobwebs.

Good Neighbor-eeno

My vising of friends’ towns is lagging also. I’m nearly maxed out so that’s almost a hundred.  I haven’t timed it, but it takes a long time to visit them all. It’s giving me flashbacks to Whacking Day, when TSTO became a part-time job. I for one, was relieved to see the laidback pace of Squidport.

Now that we can see who has visited us (except for vandalism) I’m going to try my best to reciprocate with Tappers who visit me. However, with no ability to ‘sort’ or ‘favorite’ on the Friends Screen this is somewhat laborious. Seriously, I’m getting guitar players’ callus on the end of my tapping finger from scrolling back and forth so much.

The best solution would be if EA just automatically sorted the friends that have visited your town to the front of the list on the Friends Screen.

This would give us the ability to manage more friends. Which I’d very much like – because (true story), I’ve been struggling to find a few friends to remove from my Springfield. I had nearly decided on a short list when one of them visited my town.

I’ll end by dusting the cobwebs off my second game and showing it some love. Here’s a screenshot from it. What is the rarest thing one could ever glimpse while visiting someone else’s town?  I’m thinking that would be witnessing a crop of Perfection blooming. I’ve tried several times going back and forth between my two games with no luck. Not sure if it’s even possible with the lag-time involved in syncing with EA’s servers. So here’s one I grabbed directly from my second game. I’m tellin’ ya folks, it’s even hard to make a screenshot and then harvest Perfection before it rots.Perfection Crop Blooming

Hail Ants Sign in TSTO

One of my favorite decorations in TSTO is the “Hail Ants” sign.
Hail Ant Sign

Because it’s from one of my favorite episodes Deep Space Homer.

This is my favorite scene. The music is The Blue Danube which you may recognize from such movies as 2001: A Space Odyssey.  It also explains the first two videos.

DrewDabble is a big fan of Arthur C. Clarke. I’ve read most of his books and will be posting about some of them soon.

Is the TSTO World Getting Back to Normal?

A few thoughts before heading off to work… Looks like the tide may be turning for the good guys. As I hope all Tappers already know, there were several exempts yesterday to make fraudulent posts over at the bad guy’s camp. However, three smelly posts were removed within hours. Yes three – a fourth bogus post got deleted before I could even read it – trying to work the “EA Servers Are Down” angle. The only one remaining is that fake Mr. T post by ‘you-know-who’ titled “I’m Sorry” – and boy ain’t that the truth!

The Internet’s ‘New Tips’ blog is coming along nicely – Piling on over 30,000 hits this weekend… they are off and running!

And when you’ve had your fill of playing TSTO, blog surfing and commenting don’t forget to check-in at Tapped-Out UK. The best description of this site: It’s like your favorite ‘real world’ hang-out, only out here in ‘The Cloud’ 🙂

I’m sorry about all the comments still in moderation. I promise to respond to them as quickly as possible today. Also thanks to mastersneasle over at the awesome Pokémon X and Y Stuff  blog for pointing out that I haven’t stated the ‘Rating Level’ for language in comments here. For the record it’s in the PG-13 neighborhood…  Or, pretty much anything that would be allowed on The Simpsons or Futurama TV shows (or TSTO) I’ll add, DrewDabble is impressed by comments that creatively express their point without excessive ‘potty-month’  😉

Now about my DrewDabble blog – I will be broadening its topic base – plus getting back to the original “Zen Geek” theme (originally envisioned for this blog) that has gotten drowned-out by my TSTO obsession.

So I’ll end on a geeky note by saying how very much I dig the Google Doodle today about Erwin Schrödinger. It never takes a gathering of geeks very long before someone makes a cat-in-the-box reference!
Google Schrödinger Doogle