The Krustyland (sub-game?) is here!

If last week’s Level 32 update was a surprise, then today’s Krustyland “App Store” update is downright shocking! 😯 😯 😯

Krustyland Splash Screen - Simpsons Tapped Out - DrewDabble On the other hand, I was just thinking earlier today that I’m finished with Level 31, my Squidport only has a couple of buildings to go and in Level 32, I only have Kamp Krusty left. Without this wonderful new content I would have been pretty much caught-up game quest-wise by this coming weekend.

EA’s really bringing their ‘A-Game’ 😉 and us Tapper’s are reaping the benefits :D. I know some will struggle with the amount of money needed to acquire all this new premium content. I appreciate this and actually have two games that I use to document & archive my progress. One is a ‘Premium’ game, wherein I buy all the content I can afford. I also have a 100% ‘Non-Premium’ game. This way I can enjoy TSTO from both points of view.

Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to the game! I’ll be posting more on Krustyland as I progress and also will be adding to my ‘nearly-spoiler-free’ walkthroughs here. Until then, I’ve posted my first set of dialog paste-up’s on my Flickr site. The dialogue in them is first-rate entertainment ❗

DrewDabble Krustyland Walkthough on Flickr

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